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adds another speciality – AYURVEDA

‘Ayurveda’ which is officially called Indian System of Medicine, has been practiced in India for the last several centuries. It is an eternal Vedic science of life which has spread far beyond its original traditional parameters due to continuous research and development. Ayurveda basically detoxifies the body, rejuvenates and repairs the body by different methods of external therapy and intake of ayurvedic medicines. By using modern clinical and diagnostic methods like scanning etc., now Ayurvedic treatment has become more effective, precise and quick relieving.  

          Based on the eight clinical specialties, i.e., General medicine (kaaya chikitsaa), Paediatrics ( Bala Chikitsaa ), Psychiatry ( Bhootha Vidhya ), treatment of head and neck (Saalakya Tantra ), Surgery ( Salya Tantra ) , toxicology ( Agada Tantra ), rejuvenation therapy ( Rasayana Tantra ) and re- productive medicine ( Vajeekarana Chikitsaa ), Sree Sudheendra Medical Mission Hospital is now offering a separate speciality department for all traditional treatments like, Snehapanam, Dhara, Pizhichil, Navarakkizhi, Sirovasthi, Pichu, Sirolepa, Nasyam, Choorna Pinda Swedam, Pathrapodala Swedam and Panchakarma treatments like Kashaya Vasthy, Virechanam and Raktamoksham.  

          The Department of Ayurveda is equipped with all traditional facilities and the Doctor in charge Dr.P.Resmi Nair is well experienced, hailing from a traditional Travancore  Ayurveda  Doctors’ family of Late Anujan Narayanan , a known Ayurveda physician of Thiruvananthapuram. Smt. Resmi Nair is the consultant and verifying officer to State Bank of India and is officiating technical expert to M/s. INTERTEK, U.S.A. (formerly KPMG) , an I S O certification firm.



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